~Private Occasions~

Call the Palmyra Town Hall at 812-364-6106

            The Community Center is located at

          13590 Greene St NE, Palmyra In 47164

Community Center Rental Contract.PDF

        August 2022 Me


Second, Third and Last Wednesday at 2pm

Contact Jenny Kirkham

(812) 786-3287

~Wood Carvers Club~

Every Friday 4-7pm

Contact John Simpson at 812-972-2359

~Arts for Fun~

Every Monday at 2pm

Contact Mary Sallee at 812-364-6769

Do you know how much the Palmyra Community Center has to offer?

Not only do we offer the Center for rental of private occasions, there are many different activities

that are open to the public.  Click on any of the links below or call for more information